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Created 3-Oct-12
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Breakfast on the top floor, 12 Piazza d'Azeglio, FlorencepietyThe view from the rear of Adriana's flatMilan: Ambrosiani - 1At lunch at Subway, Via Principe Amedeo, MilandittoOutside La Scala - 1Outside La Scala - 2Galleria Vittorio EmanueleMilan's BorisPiazza del DuomoThe Bramante perspective (15th Century), Basilica di Santa Maria presso San Satiro, Via TorinoPalazzo Recalcati (17th/18th Century)Sant'Ambrogio - 12th Century facade, with 9th Century campanile to the rightSant'AmbrogioSant'Ambrogio - 9th Century campanileOrpheus tames the wild beasts: one of the 11th/12th Century capitals, Sant'Ambrogio

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