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Created 15-Oct-12
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St Mary's, Astley - miserichordIn the Herd Book Society offices, HerefordSant'Ambrogio, MilanBy one of the lakes below Eyford Park, GloucestershireBy one of the lakes below Eyford Park, GloucestershirePre-pre-Renaissance figure, seen behind San Marco, FlorenceIn a fountain, San GimignanoThe Green Dragon's counter, with Thompson of Kilburn mouse"Hahn/Cock" by Katharina Fritsch, unveiled in London's Trafalgar Square on 25th July 2013 on the 4th plinth. The fibreglass work stands 4.72 metres high - the 6th work to be displayed there.Cirencester Parish Church porchOne of many Antony Gormleys in San Gimignano, September 2012Animated cooper at work, 24/7: The Chandos, St Martin's Lane(At Stratton, Cirencester)Fi Stewart's "Technicolour disco dancing in the dark", art couture, Painswickat KilcotOne of James Mayhew's figures for Noye's Fludde: Tewkesbury Abbey, July 2013

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