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The Grange, Ramsgate - Tower staircase paperThe Grange, RamsgateThe Grange, Ramsgate: Pugin's own bedroom paperThe Grange, Ramsgate: portrait of Edward Pugin in his step-mother Jane's bedroomThe Grange, Ramsgate: Jane's bedroom paperThe Grange, Ramsgate: guest bedroom paperThe Grange, Ramsgate: staircase paperThe Grange, Ramsgate: sitting-room so-called, with copies of portraits of Jane and Augustus PuginThe flight into Egypt, studio of Alois de Beule, Ghent, 1893 - St Joseph's Chapel, St Augustine's, RamsgateThe First Station: Jesus is condemned to death - studio of Alois de Beule, Ghent, 1893 (repainted c1960) - St Augustine's, Ramsgate

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