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St Gregory, CheltenhamThe Sanctuary, St Gregory's, Cheltenham: 1854-7, designed by Charles HansomLady Chapel window: Our Lady (centre), with St Anne and St Elizabeth: glass by John Hardman of Birmingham, responsible for the glass throughout the churchBaptistry window: Top: Pope St Sylvester baptising the Emperor Constantine. Bottom L. - St Augustine baptising King Ethelbert of Kent. Bottom R. - St Paulinus baptising converts in the R. SwaleSt Benedict's window: detail showing Benedict as a hermit at prayerSt Benedict's window - Benedict's friend Romanus lowering food to the cave where Benedict lived, while the devil prepares to throw a stone at the warning bellSt Benedict's window - Maurus and Placid as children, being presented to St Benedict in the monastery of SubiacoSt Benedict's window - St Benedict, in the act of blessing a jug of poisoned wine, reveals an attempt to murder himSt Benedict's window - St Benedict supervising the clearance of pagan statues to make way for the monastery on Monte Cassino

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