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Created 14-Oct-13
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Imperial SquareThe Gardens Gallery, ignored by the Festival signposting...... and mapsThe view over Montpellier Gardens from the Gardens GalleryHari, a Festival regular!The Times Leader Conference, 4th October: from left, David Aaronovitch, Alice Thomson, Phil Collins, Emma Tucker, Danny Finkelstein, Hugo RifkindAlexander McCall SmithThe Times Leader Conference, 6th October: from left, Hugo Rifkind, Danny Finkelstein, Phil Collins, Emma Tucker, Robert Crampton, Deborah HaynesJohn Randle, at Humphrey Stone's Alan Hancox Lecture"Translating China": from left, Anne Witchard, Yang Lian and Xinran on the platform, and Yang Lian's publisher reading a translation of one of his poems (from "The Third Shore")

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