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Tom Denny's brilliant stained glass windows were executed and installed between 1985 and 1995. (Posted by kind permission of the artist.)
The Net - Matt. 13: 47-50 (1993)The Ravens (inspired by the Western Counties of Ireland, where ravens are common) - Luke 12:24 (1986)Consider the lilies (inspired by a stony, dry bank in Siccaridge Wood, Bisley Road, Sapperton, a wonderful site for lily of the valley) - Luke 12:27 (1990)The sower (inspired by open, extensive landscape with distant hills as found in the flatter parts of Western Ireland) - Matt. 13:3 (1985)The house on the rock (reminiscent of an ideal mediaeval whitewashed farmhouse set on a knoll surrounded by water) - Matt. 7:24-27 (1994)The fruitful tree and the thorns (the trees based on fruit trees and hawthorn bushes as found near Sapperton, Gloucestershire) - Matt. 7:16-20 (1993)The fig tree (a landscape of lumpy woods and orchards reminiscent of Herefordshire) - Luke 13:6-9 (1988)The good shepherd (inspired by the empty wilderness of Sutherland, where such hills as Ben Stack and Quinag loom on the horizon) - Matt. 18:12 (1990)The tares (inspired by typical Wiltshire downland as found near Avebury, with beech clumps on the ridge of the downs and extensive arable fields in the foreground) - Matt. 13:30 (1987)The city on a hill (not a specific city: the valley depicts the steep-sided Wye Valley near Tintern. Bettridge and Belmont schools could be in the city.) - Matt. 5:14, 16 (1995)

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