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Created 14-Oct-14
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The Jakobskirche, NürnbergJakobsweg signSt James, late 14th Century stained glass in St Martha's Church, NürnbergSt James, Jakobuskirche, AbenbergLifesize St James by Ernst Steinacker outside the Jakobuskirche, OettingenLarge modern pilgrim sculpture, by the bridge across the Scherzach river, WeingartenSt James, Jakobuskirche, MuttensweilerLifesize pilgrim statue in Ulm MünsterLifesize pilgrim statue outside the Cursillo-Haus St Jakobus, OberdischingenSt James, outside the church of SS Alban and Nikolaus, MettenbergMotorway pull-in near Nerensetten, located near a former chapel of St JamesLifesize St James by Ernst Steinacker outside the Mariakirche, GunzenhausenSt James, Jakobuskirche, DürrenmungenauMiniature St James erected by a resident of Unterteurigen, with pilgrim stamp in a pull-out drawerStained glass St James in the Church of the Visitation, MeersburgSt James, 13th Century sculpture in the Mauritius Kapelle, Konstanz MünsterSt James, Holy Trinity Church, KonstanzSt James, Stephanskirche, KonstanzSt James, Jakobskapelle, Kaltenbrunnen, Switzerland

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